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Shocked in love, acrylic on canvas, 4’X5’, 2017

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And oh the spaces you’ve created within me, acrylic on canvas, 3’X4’, 2017

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Sprout them seeds baby, acrylic on canvas, 3’X4’, 2016

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Pagan Poetry, acrylic on canvas, 4’X6’, 2016

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Sword and mirrors, acrylic on canvas, 3'X4', 2016

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Fragmented roots gone home, 4'X6', acrylic on canvas, 2016

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Tout un bateau/ Highly intelligent loving abuse, 4'X6', acrylic on canvas, 2015

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For not seeing me, acrylic +oil on canvas, 4'X4', 2015

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Trust/Truth, 4'X4', acrylic+oil on canvas, 2011

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Sometimes I hope more than I faith, 4'X5', acrylic+ oil on canvas, 2011

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I'm lovin' it, acrylic + oil on canvas, 4.5'x5.8', 2010

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Stuck in the middle, 4'X5', acrylic + oil on canvas, 2010